Friday, 23 November 2012

Devil's Liquor

Peaches. I called her Peaches. She always wore tight jeans and Peaches was the only word that would come to my mind when I’d watch her. She never noticed me. She didn't know I even existed. They never do. They never can know. Secrecy is crucial. It's detrimental for what I wish to do. The day I'm discovered is the day that I am finished.

She'd go out drinking straight from work most nights and stand alone at the bar, waiting for company. She'd wait to see a man with a wedding ring and seduce him. She was a slut and she liked to screw married men in cheap hotel rooms. She felt particularly empowered if she could get them to cry afterwards. I'd overheard her telephone conversations telling her friends about it. She'd even giggle a little to herself as she confessed this. She claimed it made her feel bad but I knew better. It never stopped her. She was no girl looking for redemption; she was just a girl looking for a cheap thrill. She'd give up anything for it and it only turned me onto her. It made me want her more. She was perfect for what I needed.

Tonight was just like all the others. I had my eye on her and she was clueless. She was propped against the bar, slowly wriggling her hips as she tried to catch the eye of the barman. I watched her body snake before my eyes. Her unintentional flirtation was reckless. Pining for her, I approached the bar.

Wild cries of desperation and need flew across to the barmen who controlled the supplies of golden nirvana. Everybody wanted a taste and everyone wanted a taste of it now. There was little room at the bar to rest an elbow and the fever grew. Bartenders moved fluidly from customer to fridge, taking orders and money without flinching. Yet nobody on my side was ever satisfied. They hungered for a drink. Even when they got what they desired, they’d consume it and become eager for another. They were never satisfied. I adored their greed. I adored their lust. The object of my desire was no different. Peaches pulled her top down a little, pushed her elbows together and winked at the barkeep, just to down the shots of tequila placed before her without even considering paying for them - she knew she wouldn't be asked to.

I muscled my way to a stool at the bar - keeping her in sight - and ordered absinthe at every possible opportunity. The world around me soon blurred as I slipped into a delusional bliss waiting for the sounds of bells to send her home. I'd easily slip out behind her. Unnoticed.

On these rare nights when she went home alone she always caught the last tube. Below ground was my territory. The underground station was characteristically empty for this time of night. There were no souls present except for us. She may have seen me on the platform, but she hadn't recognised me. She had no idea who I truly was, or what I wanted. She certainly didn't know I was going to get the thing I desired.

As the train rumbled into the station I laid her in my sights. The hairs pricked up on the back of my neck as my stomach grew tight. I was so close. She was finally going to become mine and there was no way she could escape me. I shuffled silently behind her and placed my hand on her shoulder. Startled, she turned suddenly to face me and as our eyes met, I thrust my arm forwards, hard. Peaches fell limply to the tracks and was forever mine. She became another soul to add to the eternal collection.